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Can i wet wash my ikea sofa?

Added 2016-08-04 08:00:30

Can I hire a sofa cleaning company to deep clean my Ikea sofa? All the sofas in the world need to be washed somehow. There is no way a sofa will stay nice and clean forever. Unless you plan to keep it in a store or cover it up with plastic sheets. But then, what is the point of having a sofa? Many people have contacted our sofa cleaning company to ask us if we can deep clean their ikea sofa. We always say yes. The label in the back that says do not wet wash, was designed for you only. You cannot wash your sofa but we can. Our sofa cleaning company will use professional sofa cleaning equipment only and we will use soft sofa cleaning shampoo. We will spray a mist of cleaning agent over your sofa, we will scrub it lightly with soft upholstery cleaning brushes and we will extract all the moist with powerful extraction motors. Many domestic people are washing their sofas covers in the washing machine or they soak it in hot water in the bath. By doing so you will shrink your fabric and it won`t fit back on your sofa. So the label “do not wet wash” in the back of your sofa, is for you only. We can guarantee you that we will clean your ikea sofa without any problems. www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie


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