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Craftex Coffee Remover

Added 2016-06-13 22:04:00

Craftex Coffee Remover A coffee spillage can stain your carpet very badly. Most people will panic and they will start using all the cleaning products from their cleaning press. Most people will use cooking powder,general cleaners, salt, lemon, etc. But most people don`t know that moxing all those chemicals together can damage worst your carpet. We recommend Craftex Coffe Renover. This is a superb quality coffee & tea remover and it will remove most types of coffee stains. Craftex Coffee Remover won`t damage your carpet and it is not toxic. Just spray it on the stain, allow 3 minutes to work, scrub with a soft brush and extract the moisr with a dry towel. Works all the time. It is always handy to have Craftex Coffee Remover in your press. Most types of spillages can be removed within 24 hours if treated with this product. Longer you wait, harder it will be for the stain to be removed. Coffe and tea act like bleach and it will burn the fibre of your carpet. If you require more information about Craftex Coffee Remover please call Clean Fast now! If you are a carpet cleaning company, you should try out this product. It will reduce the time needed t get results and it will increase productivity. http://cleanfast.ie/craftex-products/craftex-coffee-stain-remover-500-ml-2209 Craftex Coffee Remover 500 ML


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