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How to clean windows safe?

Added 2016-06-23 19:00:05

Window Cleaning Services We know that you know how to clean windows but we also can teach you some new techniques on how to make window cleaning easier and faster. 1. Assess the job and pick the right technique 2. Have the tools ready before you even start 3. Prepare access & ladders 4. Don`t assume that window cleaning is easy The most basic tools for window cleaning is a proper window cleaning spray and a towel rag. If there is paint on your windows you can remove it with very hot water (if the paint is water based) or a good window scraper (if the paint is oil based). If your home was newly plastered and the windows are full of lime or some type of render, please use some citric acid based cleaning product to get rid of it. The citric acid cancel the lime and the window will clean very easy. Use the citric acid product first to get rid of the lime and plasterer and then wash your window as usual. Silicone could be a nightmare to remove from glass. Use a very sharp glass scraper and keep the blade as flat on the glass as you can. It should be pretty easy to remove it if you know what you are doing. There are few silicon removers available on the market if you are afraid to use a blade. Alcohol based window cleaning detergents are the best because it evaporates fast and it will leave no streaks. You can use Evans Clear Window Cleaning from www.cleanfast.ie Window cleaning is a job that most people can do. A bit of common sense a bit of hard work and you will have clean windows. Don`t take mad chances and use a ladder to reach higher windows. If you need help with you window cleaning you can always call www.dublin-windowcleaning.ie


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