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Range Rover HDC Sensor Fault

Added 2016-07-11 21:20:28

I was driving my 2007 range rover sport on m50. Out of nowehere the dashboard came alive and light and alarm bells were going mad. The main issue HDC Sensor Fault. I contacted the first Land Rover Dealer on google. After about 20 minutes on hold i gave up. I contacted another Land Rover Dealer just to be told that they can see me in about 6 weeks. So i am stuck on M50 afraid to start the engine. I did a search on google about the Range Rover HDC Fault and i discovered that it is a pretty commune issue. There could be two main reasons to trigger the fault. 1. Faulty battery - some batteries have very little amperage and the car needs more electricity than the battery can provide. 2. Faulty alternator - the car uses more electrical power than it generates and some apps stop working due to lack of electricity. Quick fix, get a new high ampers battery and your car should be allright for a while. Every day, your battery will be charged a bit less than it should be and about 6 months later you will have to change the battery again. Permanent fix, get a new alternator. I was very surpised to find out that a new alternator for range rover costs only 350 euro breand new from Tallaght Auto Parts. Got one and my issue was sorted. The land rover dealers are very unhelpful and they wont even try to help you out. You can find a lot of great information if you do a search for the fault on the internet. Range Rover HDC Fault - the car uses more electricity than it generates and the whole system gets blocked. Stop the car for 10 seconds, put the engine on and dont have anything on (ac, radio, etc). Let it run for 5 minutes and then go to a shop and buy a battery at least 90 amp (100 even better). Issue sorted. Good luck


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