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What is the difference between floor cleaners & floor maintainers?

Added 2016-06-18 10:04:30

Floor Cleaners - Floor Maintainers There are many types of floor cleaning products and as many types of floor maintainers. Many people dont know the difference between a floor cleaner and a floor maintainer. Floor Cleaner - this products are designed to remove light, mediu or heavy duty dity build ups from your floors Floor Maintainers - those products are more for preventing dirt building up or for light floor cleaning Depending on thr type of floor that you have, you will have to use a soft or a strong floor cleaning product. Marble, travertine, terrazzo, ceramic, porcelain,concrete, etc, will require highly acidic cleaning products to remove lime & other dirt build ups. Marmoleum,amtico, vinyl, lino, wood, etc, will require sofrer floor cleaners to avoid polish or sealant removal. Always do a test to avoid damaging your floors. Read the back of your container to make sure that the product you have is suitable for cleaning or maintaing your floor. Just because a floor cleaner is very expensive it doesnt mean that is good as well. Just go to www.cleanfast.ie and do a search for floor cleaning products. Our wenbsite contain a lot of information about what to use where and in what dilution. www.cleanfast.ie


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