Travertine Floor Cleaning

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08 September, 2016 19:44


Travertine Floor Cleaning

Travertine floors are some of the most popular floors in Ireland. A travertine floor is easy to clean and maintain and it is also very durable. There are different grades of travertine from high quality & low porosity, to low quality and high porosity.
All travertine floors will require cleaning and polishing once in a while. The low porosity travertine tiles will need to be deep cleaned less often and it can be polished to a “mirror” look like with the help of diamond pads. The high porosity travertine tiles cannot be polished with a buffer due to uneven surface. For this type of floors we recommend deep cleaning & sealing.

Travertine Floor Cleaning – How to clean it
Travertine is a type of marble. Like all the natural stones, travertine tiles will absorb dirt and moist. The easiest way of cleaning travertine floors is with a high alkaline floor cleaner, a buffer with a brush and a wet vac. Even if the floor cleaner will break the dirt, you will need a wet vac to extract it from the pours. If a wet vac and a buffer are not available, you can use a hard brush to scrub the floor and a big towel to absorb the moist. It is important to use a very active floor cleaner just to make sure that it soften up the dirt that hides in all the small gaps.

Travertine Floor Cleaning – Dublin Floor Cleaning
Dublin Floor Cleaning is a professional travertine floor cleaning company based in Dublin 12. We are 100% irish and we have over 12 years experience in floor cleaning services and floor restoration. We understand floors and we use top of the range technology. Over the years, we have cleaned and polished thousands of travertine floors. We use some of the best travertine cleaning pads and some of the most efficient sealants and polishes.

If your travertine floor looks tired and dull, give us a call and we will quote you for free. In a matter of hours we will give your floors a new life span.



Ashleigh House , JFK Rd , Dublin 12, Dublin, Leinster


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