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Enhance Your Décor With Quality Floor Varnish

The glamour brought by wood floors is renowned. In fact that natural look and feel are what make the flooring one of the most sought out after installations all around the world. You want to be able to accentuate that wood grain, bring out the colouration and enhance the gloss of your installation. That’s where varnishing comes in.

The floor varnish brings out the timber's natural colour. Delivering a rich and lovely sheen, the varnishing works across the scope of wood species, from maple to hickory, and light coloured floors like those with white or grey stains. You get to enhance that natural look and feel without giving your wood floor the dreaded amber tint. Even the gloss levels vary. It all depends on how many coats of the floor varnish you use, and the level of buffing that is applied. This means that the final outcome will be specific to your needs, bringing out your particular taste.

You want the floor to look good and last long too. Investing in a floor varnish enables you to achieve both. Coming with a high solids content, the varnishes enhance the wear resistance and abradability properties of the floor. You get to prevent scratches and scuff marks from forming, and the floor is able to handle the load of abuse that is meted out onto it with each passing day. The resistance to stains and water damage also get spruced up, meaning that you won’t keep going into panic mode whenever a spill occurs. However, this doesn’t mean that you ignore it and let it stand. Clean up the spills as soon as they form. It will be easy too, since the floor varnish coats will have prevented the liquids from seeping into the wood.

The enhanced protection also brings you savings, especially when it comes to the maintenance budget of your establishment. This is because you get to avoid hefty repair and replacement costs. What’s more, properly caring for the floor increases the real estate value of the property.

Here is a list of popular floor varnishes:

Junckers HP Commercial Floor Varnish
Junckers Strong Plus Floor Varnish
Junckers Profinish Floor Lacquer
Bona Traffic HD Commercial
Bona Mega Floor Varnish
Tover Uniqua Floor Varnish
Tover Idrolak DR97 Floor Varnish

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