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Carpet Cleaning Maynooth

We are the carpet cleaning company that you are looking for. Affordable, flexible and with the capability of contracting huge commercial carpet cleaning jobs. Dublin Carpet Cleaning. We offer professional, affordable carpet cleaning services to commercial and domestic customers in Maynooth. Half of our work is commercial carpet cleaning and the other half comes from domestic carpet cleaning. We are happy to contract any size carpet cleaning job if it is over 50€.

Some answers to the most frequently asked questions:

1. How long does it take for my carpet to dry? - 1 hour, a bit longer for heavily soiled areas
2. What happens with the furniture? - we move furniture around
3. What is our minimum charge? - 50€
4. What carpet cleaning equipment do we use? - Airflex Storm 800 psi
5. Do we cover the whole Maynooth area? - Yes
6. What kind of carpet shampoo do we use? – none, where possible - soft eco friendly products for stain removal - safe for everybody including pets and asthmatics

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - Our prices

Relax, we wont shock you. In fact we are one of the most affordable carpet cleaning companies in Maynooth. A mix of high quality, efficient carpet cleaning machines plus very experienced staff have enabled us to reduce costs to very affordable rates. We have made carpet cleaning more affordable to a wider range of customers. We can complete double the amount of work our competition can do in one day. By using very powerful carpet cleaning machines we can get fast results without the need to keep repeating the operation. We will be in and out of your home within 1 hour.

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - our technology

Dublin Carpet Cleaning provides a deep carpet cleaning and not just a surface carpet clean like many of our competition. After you had your carpets cleaned by us you will know that your floor is spotless and germ free. We use a hot water extraction carpet cleaning system with high water lift technology to ensure maximum stain removal and fast drying times. Very hot water will be injected at high pressure into the carpet fibres. The heat and pressure from the water will do most of the work. An anti-bacterial carpet cleaning shampoo will disinfect and kill 99.9% of the bacteria living inside your carpet. We will use two very powerful extractors to absorb most of the moisture. Job done. The carpet will look fresh and it will feel softer.

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - commercial carpet cleaning

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is one of the biggest commercial carpet cleaning service providers in Maynooth. We clean many commercial carpets each year and our services are in big demand. Owning top quality carpet cleaning machines and employing brilliant specialists has enabled us to take on huge commercial carpet cleaning jobs. We can complete more or less any size carpet cleaning job in one day. Our 1 hour drying time plus 24/7 opening times has put us right at the top of the list of people preferences. If you need commercial carpet cleaning in Maynooth please contact Dublin Carpet Cleaning now and we would be happy to quote you.

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - domestic carpet cleaning

About half of our carpet cleaning business comes from domestic customers. We have a huge list of regular domestic carpet cleaning customers in Maynooth. By using our carpet cleaning services regularly you will have the benefit of fast bookings and better prices. We contract any size carpet cleaning job but we have a minimum charge of 50€.

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - insurance

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is fully insured. All our work, commercial and domestic is fully insured. If you require a copy of our carpet cleaning insurance cert please contact us .

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - our machines

We use Airflex Storm Carpet Cleaners. This is not just any ordinary carpet cleaner but it is the best carpet cleaning machine ever invented. At least 4 times more powerful than most carpet cleaners available on the Irish market. More power means less time needed for cleaning, bigger surfaces can be covered and very short drying times. Our company can do about 10k square meters of carpet cleaning per day. We can contract any size job. The standard carpet cleaning machine will spray a mist of hot water and a carpet cleaning shampoo. It will allow 1 minute for the product to work and then approx. 60% of the moisture will be extracted. Our carpet cleaning machines are different. It will inject very high pressure steam at around 800 psi right into your carpets. The power of the impact plus the heat will break most types of dirt. The carpet will not get very wet and the extraction is instant and almost 100%. You can`t get a deeper carpet cleaning in Ireland.

Carpet Cleaning Maynooth - our shampoo

We work with eco friendly carpet cleaning shampoos only. Because our technology is so good, we do not need to use a lot of carpet cleaning product or softener. The use of any shampoo is limited to a minimum basic and it is used as an anti bacterial agent. We clean and sanitise your carpet. If you require more information about our carpet cleaning products please contact

Call us today and tell us about your job. We are only one call away. Our company provides emergency carpet cleaning services also. Dublin Carpet Cleaning is a professional carpet cleaning company and we can take on any carpet cleaning job in any condition. A team of professional specialists at your disposal. 014440146 1800 848 700 (free)

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