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06 April, 2017 16:13


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The sofa handles plenty of traffic, and is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your residential or commercial establishment. After all, who doesn’t want to relax on the comfortable cushions? It’s where you kick off your heels and relax after a hard day's work, chat up your guests as you host them, sit back with a book or the day’s newspaper, or even catch up on the weekend sports or the new episode on that show that has got you hooked. In case you have kids, they spend most of their time playing and resting on it. The same applies to pets, which is why you keep finding fur balls and dander on the surface of your set. As people sit back and relax, they leave behind different substances on your furniture, ranging from dead skin cells, all through to body sweat, plus treatments and sprays that they had applied onto their bodies and clothes. The solvent material seeps into the inner surface of the sofa, and food crumbs commonly end up between the cushions, and in the nooks and crannies of the set. The odours that develop reek up the interior space. Spills on the other hand cause stains, and the discolourations ruin the sophistication of your set. You can restore the elegance by dialling up the professional sofa cleaning team.

How many people are there in your home? How may come to your business premises? How much traffic does your sofa handle? The higher the number, the more the dust mites that are in those cosy cushions. They are nurtured and sustained by the skin flakes being shed by the people using the furniture. Their droppings irritate the airways once inhaled, and skin in sensitive people. Symptoms can range from watery eyes and a runny nose, to itchiness and inflamed eczema. The allergens don't end there- there's everything from dust and pet dander, to the pollen particles getting blown into the interior space. You can even acquire an infection from your furniture. The millions of bacteria thriving on the cushions and sofa arm can get into your system, causing a contamination. Children at a higher risk, due to their fondness of touching their faces and putting their hands into their mouths. Then there's the risk from fungi growing on the surface, due to spills being left to soak in, and overwetting caused during DIY sofa cleaning. These release spores which are allergens themselves, and some species can produce mycotoxins, which are a direct threat to organs like the liver, and entire systems like your central nervous system. You don’t want your sofa landing your household members or the persons in your establishment in hospital. Avoid these situations by calling in the sofa cleaning experts.

Why You Should Call In The Sofa Cleaning Professionals

1. Professional equipment for a deeper clean
When it comes to ensuring that a thorough job is done, our sofa cleaning machinery does not fail. Built to deliver superb results, it gets to everything- from the set in stains and surface soiling to the deeply embedded gunk that has piled on for months. Dust, furballs, dead skin, sweat, mouse droppings, cobwebs, insect body fragments, all through to stains from beverages like coffee and tea, soda and wine, ink blots and even urine stains are done away with. The sofa cleaning processes revitalise your set, and bring back that luxurious look and feel you desire. 

2. Specialised fabric and leather sofa cleaning
There are all kinds of fabric sofas, from the delicate silk and soft cotton to the resilient rayon. They each have their needs when it comes to cleaning them, and react differently to cleaning solutions used. You want to be sure that the right treatment is being used for your set. When it comes to leather, it will even need to be conditioned, in order to restore the moisture that was lost over time, to prevent it from becoming dry and cracking. Our sofa cleaning team handles it all, and you can rest assured that the gunk will be eliminated using the appropriate method for your furniture.

3. Save your energy
Turning to our sofa cleaning team enables you avoid the risks and hassle required when taking care of the furniture. The cleaning process is also done fast, enabling things to go back to normal as soon as possible in your establishment. The sofa dries quickly, usually in an hour, which prevents mould and mildew from growing.

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