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19 August, 2015 16:54

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Carpet Cleaning Dublin

About 90% of households and businesses have carpeted floors but about 90% of these property owners have no idea how to maintain or clean their floors. There are many property owners who have not had their carpets cleaned in over 10 years. There are many properties where the carpets are the main source of infections due to a build up of dirt and bacteria over the years.

Why do you need carpet cleaning?

Carpet fibres are very absorbent and are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Whatever is on your shoes will be absorbed and will accumulate deep within the carpet fibres. Moisture and bacteria will thrive in these conditions and will create a hazard for you and your family. By having your carpets professionally cleaned at least once per year you will eliminate the risk of spreading infections and putting your family at risk.

What happens when carpet cleaning is done?

www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie owns some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available. Very high pressure steam and an eco friendly shampoo will be sprayed into the fibres of your carpet. The steam will soften up all types of dirt and infection causing bacteria, the shampoo will break it into small pieces and then two very powerful extraction motors will extract all the dirt. The results are magic. Most people think that there is no hope for their carpets and are amazed at the results after having them professionally cleaned. Depending on the condition of your carpet and the type of dirt that has built up over the years, we might have to use an agitator to break up dirt. A slow rotating machine with soft brush attachments will break even more dirt before the shampoo is extracted. We recommend that you contact us before you decide to change your carpets. A good carpet cleaning job can do wonders and it won`t cost as much as replacing your carpets.

Carpet cleaning – what types of dirt can be removed?

The technology has progressed big time over the past few years and the quality of carpet cleaning shampoos has also improved greatly. Most of the powerful carpet cleaning shampoos are also eco friendly. The majority of general dirt build ups and stains can be removed with ease in one go. Dublin Carpet Cleaning works with a great range of stain removers and odour neutralisers. Spot treatments will be done on stubborn stains and in 90% of cases the stain will be removed. Sometimes a stain cannot be removed, pet urine, tomato juice, dark coloured juices etc. left untreated on the carpets for years will change the colour of your carpet forever and we will not be able to do too much to remove it. A carpet cleaning machine can only remove dirt not fibre discoloration. You need to have reasonable expectations if you had a dog/cat/etc urinating on your floors for years. Many carpet cleaning enquires want only spot treatments on specific areas. This might remove the stain but it could also leave a brighter spot on the area that was just cleaned. We will recommend that the whole room be deep cleaned to get the maximum results.

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – what type of carpet cleaning services can we do?

Our company specialises in deep hot water extraction carpet cleaning services which, we believe, get the best results. Unlike the dry carpet cleaning services, wet carpet cleaning will inject hot steam and a shampoo deep inside the fibre of your carpets, exactly in the area where all the dirt and bacteria are deposited. The steam will soften up the carpet and then it will be extracted in full with the help of two powerful extraction motors. We can guarantee one hour drying time after all our carpet cleaning jobs. Some people will prefer dry carpet cleaning only. After years of experience with all types of carpet cleaning we have chosen the hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. The surface of the carpet is the visible part but the real dirt lies beneath, right at the bottom of the carpet in the area which is not visible. We have done demonstrations to many customers just to prove our point. Spotless looking carpets were deep cleaned again with our carpet cleaning technique and we have showed our customers the extraction tank where all the dirt is deposited. They could not believe their eyes. The water was black and filthy looking. Imagine your kid spending his/her life on that carpet!

Carpet Cleaning Dublin – what shampoo is the best?

Most people are conscious of the effect they are having on the environment and we are too so we prefer to use eco friendly products when possible. But what do you do when the eco friendly carpet cleaning products don’t work that well and don’t give amazing results? We will use eco friendly where possible but for stubborn stains we will use other products to ensure effective stain removal. Most general dirt build ups can be removed with ease in one go by applying high pressure and steam on it. But there are so many types of stains, here are some of the most common types of stains that sometimes cannot be removed:

-engine oils
-fake tan
-red wine
-yellow stains – urine
-varnish & paint
-bleach markings

If a stain will not be removed in full after one deep carpet cleaning we can guarantee that it will look much better. There are stains that just cannot be removed and no amount of cleaning will change this. Some foods react like bleach in contact with your carpet fibre and it changes the colour of the carpet forever. Dublin Carpet Cleaning uses only the most efficient eco friendly shampoos and stain removers but we also know many other tricks. If a spillage has happened please call us before attempting to remove it with household products. Most of the time all you do is make it harder to be removed. If a customers is looking for a light carpet cleaning there will be 0 shampoo used. We will wash that particular carpet with hot water and high pressure.

Our carpet cleaning shampoos and stains removers are safe to be used around kids, pets, pregnant women and people with asthma. So you are in good hands.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

About 50% of Dublin Carpet Cleaning jobs are commercial. We specialise in deep commercial carpet cleaning and by having some of the most powerful carpet cleaning machines available we can tackle any size job with ease. Our company is very flexible, open minded and fair in pricing. We want a customer to feel that he/she got great value for money. We are not interested in fast money and unhappy customers. If you go to www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie you will see a long list of our latest projects. You will not see that list on our competitors websites.

Types of commercial carpet cleaning that we cover:

- Shop carpet cleaning
- Office carpet cleaning
- Pub carpet cleaning
- School carpet cleaning
- Apartment complex carpet cleaning
- Hotel carpet cleaning
- All types of commercial carpet cleaning services

Dublin Carpet Cleaning is the no 1 option for commercial carpet cleaning services in Dublin for a few simple reasons.

We are reliable – you will not find one single commercial carpet cleaning customer that was let down by us. We are on time all the time.
We think big – we own powerful efficient carpet cleaning machines capable of doing huge commercial jobs. We can cover up to 10 000 sq meter of carpet per day.
We are eco friendly – all our carpet cleaning products are eco friendly. Only our stain removers are not 100% eco friendly.
We are open long hours – weekends , bank holidays, nights etc. we are open. We might not answer the phone if you call us at 2 am but if you arrange with us to be there at 2 am with 24 hours prior to the job we will be there at 2am.
We are a friendly – afraid to call a carpet cleaning company because they are under pressure and they just want you off the phone. Call Dublin Carpet Cleaning today and receive a free estimate over the phone or on site, deal with a team of professionals that are glad to help you.

Commercial carpet cleaning jobs over 100 sq meters will be charged per square meter. Jobs under 100 sq meters will be charged per room. All our prices are clear and fair. Are we cheap? No. We are right in the middle. Our aim is to provide professional carpet cleaning services at reasonable prices. Carpet cleaning equipment and products are not cheap. At least our company doesn’t work with cheap cleaning products. We are a good company that offers high quality carpet cleaning services at affordable rates.

Domestic Carpet Cleaning

About half of our carpet cleaning business is domestic customers. We have a huge number of domestic carpet cleaning customers who use our services regularly. We charge from about 30€ per bedroom and 45€ per living room. Our prices are fair and our service is second to none. If you check www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie you will see a list of our latest projects. Here is a list of answers to the most regular questions:
Do we move furniture around? Yes. We will do half room and then the other half.

Are our carpet cleaning products safe? Yes. Safe for pets, pregnant women, kids, people with allergies
How long does it take to dry? Usually 1 hour, but if the room is not ventilated it will take longer.

Are we insured? Yes . Fully insured.

What types of payments do we accept? Credit card/debit card/ laser, cash, cheque.

Where are we based? Dublin 12, Bluebell, but we cover the whole Co Dublin

What type of carpet cleaning machines do we use? Wet – hot water extraction system with high water lift technology.

We provide once off carpet cleaning services and regular carpet cleaning services. We have many agreements in place with commercial and domestic customers. If you are not based in Ireland and you plan to have your carpet cleaned, we offer a key collection service, online invoicing and online payments. Very easy. If you plan to give someone a carpet cleaning service as a gift, you can contact us, pay us and we will do the rest.
What more can you ask from a carpet cleaning company? We have tailored our services to fit all needs and all types of customers. We even have a free phone line to make it easier to contact us. Our free estimate service can help you find out how much it will cost you to get your carpet cleaning job done. No obligations.

www.dublin-carpetcleaning.ie – we have mastered the carpet cleaning industry!

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