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Floor Cleaning Dublin

www.dublin-floorcleaning.ie 014440146 www.dublin-floorcleaning.ie

Welcome to the masters of the floor cleaning in Ireland. What put us a the top of the page?

-years of experience
-latest technology and machinery
-fully trained staff
-attention to detail
-fair prices

Dublin Floor Cleaning is based in Dublin but it covers the whole Ireland. We specialise in deep floor cleaning services , floor sealing and polishing. We deal with all kind of floors but our main speciality is amtico floor cleaning , marmoleum floor cleaning & travertine floor cleaning.

Here is a list of floor cleaning services that we provide:

-marmoleum floor cleaning
-amtico floor cleaning
-vinyl floor cleaning
-wood floor cleaning
-marble floor cleaning
-travertine floor cleaning
-terracotta floor cleaning
-tile & grout floor cleaning
-porcelain floor cleaning
-ceramic floor cleaning

If you don’t see the type of floor you have on the list it doesn’t mean that we don’t do that type of flooring. There are thousands of types of floors in the world and we cannot list it all. Dublin Floor Cleaning deals with commercial and domestic floor cleaning customers. We also provide once off and regular floor cleaning services.

Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Marmoleum Floor Sealing

More and more commercial buildings are getting marmoleum floor fitted. This type of floor is very eco friendly and it is easy to maintain and it looks good. But marmoleum floors need to be treated with care and it needs to be sealed before using it. Our company seals many newly fitted marmoleum floors in schools , offices , surgeries , kitchens , sport rooms , etc. Without sealing your floors will be exposed to damage. Sometime a good floor cleaning and a buff can do the job but only if the floor was sealed before. If you are not sure about what has to be done with your floors just calls us for free today and we will be glad to help.

Amtico Floor Cleaning & Amtico Floor Sealing

Many domestic properties and more and more commercial properties are getting amtico floors fitted. This type of floor is very long lasting and it can imitate any type of floor. Many people that bought new houses thought that they actual had solid wood floors only to find out that in fact they have amtico floors. Dublin Floor Sanding specialise in amtico deep cleaning services and sealing. Once in a while , depending on the traffic , your amtico floors will require a new seal. It is a time consuming process but it should last for up to 5 years if done right. If you want your amtico floor sealed or deep cleaned just give us a call on 1800 848 700 (free line) and we will be glad to help.

Travertine Floor Cleaning & Travertine Floor Sealing

We all know that travertine floors are natural beautiful but to achieve that natural shine is not a easy job. Keeping the sine on is even harder. Travertine floors need regular cleaning and regular high speed buffing to bring up the natural beauty of the stone. Dublin Floor Cleaning provides deep travertine floor cleaning , and scratch removal service. We can apply long lasting sealants and we can also buff your floor regular. We are all in one travertine floor service. For more information regarding our services please contact us at 014440146.

Wood Floor Cleaning & Wood Floor Sealing

Dublin Floor Cleaning provides a wide range of wood floor cleaning & wood floor sealing. Depending on the type of wood we can advise what is the best way of cleaning it and what type of floor sealing would do the job. If your floor has deep scratches and has bad signs of wear off we won`t be able to do much about it. Floor sanding could be the best option. Call Dublin Floor Cleaning on 014440146 and we will have a look at your floor for free.

Terracotta Floor Cleaning & Terracotta Floor Sealing

Dublin Floor Cleaning completes tens of terracotta floor cleaning & terracotta floor sealing jobs each year. We deep clean terracotta , we seal terracotta and we maintain terracotta. A major issue within the irish market is the usage of cheap sealant and varnishes to seal terracotta floors. A terracotta floor needs to be sealed with special oil and waxes not varnish. If you are looking for a cheap fix and if you varnish your terracotta floor you will have few problems. Within few months the high traffic area will wear off and a track will build up. It will be very hard and costly to remove the varnish from your floor. Varnish is for wood floors that can be sanded. If you have terracotta floors and if you want it clean and seal we will need to see your floors just to make sure we can remove the existing finish. If the right oils and waxes are used you will have brand new floors after each sealing. Call us today for ac free estimate.

Marble Floor Cleaning & Marble Floor Sealing

We clean , we remove scratches from marble and we polish marble floors. If you are looking for a professional marble floor cleaning company you are In the right place. We have a brilliant tracking record and we can supply references from many completed jobs. Using the latest technology in marble cleaning we can guarantee you top of the range results at affordable costs. We can get the wet look on your floors with sealants or buffing the floor with high speed diamond pads. Call us now and find out more.

Terrazzo Floor Cleaning & Terrazzo Floor Sealing

Dublin Floor Sanding is one of the very few companies in Ireland that provide terrazzo floor cleaning & sealing. We deal with schools , churches , offices , surgeries , etc . Our reputation is sky high and we do get results. There are many ways of cleaning terrazzo floors and each technique depends on the type of care the floor had before we were called in. Many terrazzo floor owners don’t buff their floors and they don’t use the right cleaning products. Using hard cleaning products or bleach is sure to kill the shine of the floor and stain the stone. We provide free estimates.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Once in a while all hard floors will build up dirt that cannot be removed with the standard floor cleaning products. This is the time when our company comes in handy. Easy to book service and affordable costs. We can remove all the builds up from your floor and grout and we can seal your floor. Tile & grout cleaning is our speciality so if you are interested in getting your floors done please contact Dublin Floor Cleaning today.

Our company does what is says. We will have your floors looking like new or no charge. Call us now for free on 1800 848 700 and one of our specialists will be with you in no time.

www.dublin-floorcleaning.ie 1800 848 700 014440146

***if you need floor cleaning products please contact www.cleanfast.ie***

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Floor Cleaning Services

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-amtico floor cleaning
-marmoleum floor cleaning
-travertine floor cleaning
-marble floor cleaning
-wood floor cleaning
-tile & grout cleaning
-terrazzo floor cleaning
-terracotta floor cleaning

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Company Name: Dublin Floor Cleaning
Phone: 1800 848 700


Ashleigh House , JFK Rd , Dublin 12

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