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05 June, 2015 15:17

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Floor Sanding Dublin

Trying to pick between the numerous floor sanding companies operating in the greater Dublin area could be a nightmare. Near identical names and providing more or less the same services , how do you know which one is the one right for you?

The answer? Dublin Floor Sanding. We provide floor sanding services that other companies havent heard of yet. We have clear prices and best of all, we have a long list of references on our website. Not too many local companies have their latest jobs posted online. Dublin Floor Sanding is very proud of all its past work and we want all our customers to be confident that they have picked the best floor contractor to finish their floors.

Our company provides high quality floor sanding services and a few other additional services:

Gap Filling - if there are big gaps between your floor boards and you want them sealed we can do it for you in few ways. The most common way of filling up floor gaps is by mixing wood dust collected from your own floors with a very strong hardener. By doing this we will make sure there will not be any difference between the floor colour and the gap filler. This operation can be done on small gaps up to about 1 cm wide. For bigger gaps we can use wood strips. Both operations will fill up your floor gaps in a nearly invisible way. The floor will look in one piece.

Staining - most floor sanding companies will only use a few standard colours of staining. Dublin Floor Sanding works with 5 five different suppliers and we can change your floors to any colour you desire. Our flooring specialists will do tests for you and they will work hard to help you pick the right colour. All floors will be finished with a high quality water based or oil varnish.

Oiling - many people dont like varnished floors and instead they will opt for oiling. We provide a great variety of oils and we have over 75 colours that we can apply to your floors. Oils will take longer to dry so you should allow 24 hours drying times.

Waxing - Dublin Floor Sanding can wax your floor to a mirror like finish. Using top of the range italian waxes we will make your floors look like new again . If you dont have the budget in place for sanding we can wax your existing finish. By waxing your floors we will not only improve the look, but we we will protect the existing finish and we will give the floor a longer life span.

Floor Sanding - wood floors need regular maintenance. Depending on the type of floor and the traffic a re-sanding job should be done once every 2 to 5 years. High traffic commercial areas will require sanding more often but with the new improved high traffic varnishes you will get a longer period between sandings. A solid wood floor can be sanded over and over again, it all depends on the skill of the contractors and the type of floor sanding machines they use. If the machines are low quality they will take a lot from your floors so this obviously lessens the amount of times sanding can be done on that floor. Dublin Floor Sanding owns top of the range dustless floor sanding machines that will take very little from your floor. We will remove mostly the old varnish from your floor and we will only touch the wood. Dustless floor sanding machines have little or no dust and after a major floor sanding job you shouldnt see any dust.

After the initial floor sanding we will seal your floors with a special anti stain sealant and then we will varnish your floors with very durable matte/satin/high gloss - water or oil based varnish. Three coats of varnish will last you for years if the right maintenance procedure is respected. For the commercial market we can use a very high traffic varnish that comes with a hardener. This varnish gets rock hard within 2 hours and it will last for at least 36 month in any type of traffic.

Frequently asked questions about floor sanding:

1. Can i sand my floors myself? - No, you can`t. Using a big powerful floor sander and achieving the smooth result necessary before applying the varnish requires high skill and good tools. The cheap floor sanding machines that you can hire by day from most hire centres are heavy, hard to use and if misshandled will dig a big hole right in the middle of your floors. After the first coat of varnish the floors need another sanding with very fine 150 grit shanding sheets. Most people dont even know that. If this operation is not done you will end up with a rough and spikey floor. All the small spikes that are not visibile before the varnish application , will get very hard after the varnish dries up. The varnish has to be applied at the right time and with the right tools. Dont mess with your floors.

2.Can i just apply a few coats of varnish on my oiled floors? - No, you cant. The oil wont allow the varnish to absorb and your floor will be a mess afterwards. The floor needs sanding and removal of all sealants before a new coat of sealant can be applied. That`s why the oil was done, to protect your floors from soillages and other types of staining.

3. Can i just re coat my varnished floors with a few coats of new varnish? - Well you can, but the new varnish wont attach to your floors, it will attach to the existing varnish and it wont protect the floor at all. Having a very thick coat of varnish will increase the risk of cracking from vibration. If the existing varnish is in a great shape but dull you can apply a sealant to make it shiny. If the existing varnish is damaged, by appling a new coat of varnish you will only make those cracks more visible.

4. If I only sand parts of my floors and use the same varnish will it be visible? -Yes. Very visible. Light and traffic will age your varnish. Applying the same varnish will create patches. It might even up in few years but up to that point you will be able to notice a big difference on your floor.

5. If i change a few old floor boards with new boards will it be visible? - Yes. If you go for clear varnish it will be very visible. If you go for staining or coloured oils you wont be able to make a difference between old and new floors.

6. Can i mix up water based & oil based varnishes? - No, you can`t. Water and oil dont mix and you will end up with some bad results. You can apply a water based varnish over an oil based stain without any problems if the right drying time for the staining has passed.

In the past few years we have seen an increased trend for using very rare and fancy floor finishes from other parts of the world. In some cases we have seen customers ordering floor finishes in low quantities that wasnt enough to complete the job only to find out that they cant get more of that product to complete the job. Another big issue is that some exotic floor finishes are not ok for irish weather.

Floor Sanding Dublin - what is a fair price?

The type of floor, size, finish required and the location of the job will determine the final price. Most floor sanding companies will charge about 20€ per square meter for floor sanding and 3 coats of varnish. That price is just informative. If you are looking for sanding , gap filling , staining & varnishing you will end up being charged about 35€ per square meter. The existing finish on the floor is another big deciding factor on pricing. If the floor was painted with acrylic paints or it has few coats of floor glue the price will go even higher. Floor sanding is not cheap to do and the more time spent doing the job the more you will pay for the job. Time is money and tools cost money. Just for your own information here is a list of materials needed to complete your 40 sq meter job:

- 80€ worth of sand paper
-150€ worth of varnish
-8 hours x 2 workers
- tools usage - and floor sanders are very expensive
- fuel costs & insurance
- advertising costs

If a floor sanding company is charging you 20€ per square meter, they will be left with about 5€ after the job is done. Dublin Floor Sanding has very fair and transparent pricing. We are not in business to make a quick euro but we are in business to last and besides making money for our company to also help our customers achieve top of the range results with whatever budget they have.

Dublin Floor Sanding has a very strict saftey policy. All our workers have safe passes and our company is fully insured and will provide all its commercial floor sanding customers with safety statements and risk assessments.

Free estimates and advice are offered with Dublin Floor Sanding . If you are interested in finding out more information about our latest jobs please visit this link:


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Professional floor sanding company. Here is a list of services that we provide:

-dustless floor sanding
-gap filling
-floor repairs

All our services are fully insured and highly recommended. Here is a list of our latest projects:


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