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Window Cleaning Dublin

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Windows are an integral part of any establishment. From being the eyes into your home, to showcasing your goods in your store, and even enabling you to enjoy the view outside your office, you want them to remain elegant all through. Whether you have casement windows with their traditional look and feel that makes them popular for Craftsman bungalows, French Eclectic, and Tudor home styles, where the grilles and muntins are done away with to keep the glass unobstructed, the fixed windows with the framed structure that allows you to go all out with the sizes, giving you a dramatic view of the outdoors, or even those specialty windows that come with their irregular shapes and sizes to produce that unique and edgy look, there are installations to meet diverse tastes and needs for your residential or commercial establishment. It all depends on your architectural style, from the sliding windows that put more emphasis on the horizontal lines and feature wide frames to enable sufficient movements for the panel- a typical installation for ranch and prairie-style building, the double-hung windows, that are a universal classic and timeless design used on Victorian, Colonial and even Cape Cod style homes with their strong and stylish look. There even those who own historic homes, and go about replacing different components but leaving the windows intact, so as not to lose that old-world charm that the property came with.

Be it a traditional or modern style, the widow does wonders for the curb appeal. All it takes is one look for anyone to determine if the establishment is good or not. Businesses with clear and pristine windows stand out. The larger windows make rooms appear more spacious. In addition, it allows natural light to get into the establishment, setting a bright and lively ambience. Keeping the windows in elegant condition makes your property have a superb first impression. This is especially vital for landlords and property managers who are looking to rent out residential, retail or office space, and those looking to make a sale. You want to be able to impress clients the moment they pull into the driveway. Even those who are passing by out on the street will have their interest picked by sparkling windows. At a personal level, they give you a sense of satisfaction. From when you’re drawing the curtains every morning to let the light in, or you have a view of the city or countryside, the windows complete the home. In your business premises, they additionally create a feeling of open space, setting
conducive working conditions. Malls and retail stores go further to put up their products on display, enticing customers to walk in and make purchase. For all their glamour, they still come under plenty of attack from dirt and grime. That's where professional window cleaning Dublin services come in.

The Dirt Problem

Dirt accumulates on the window from various sources. Take for instance when it rains. As the raindrops run down the window, they are actually fun to look at. But things take a turn when the storm clears. The glass is all drabby and dull. The rain is not the culprit. In fact, it’s basically distilled water, which is usually incorporated into the window cleaning process. Different factors cause the window to turn into an eyesore. For starters is the protective screen. Granted, the screens are beneficial in preventing pests, pollen, dirt and debris from
damaging them window. However, when the rain comes, it passes through the screen, grabbing the gunk and slamming it against your window. As the water dries off, you are left with streaks and dirt spots. This is why screens are also worked on during the professional window cleaning. Then there are those windows that are already dirty by the time the rain is pouring. These are just made to look dirty, as the rain disturbs the particles, with issues like
causing an even layer of dust to become streaky.

It's not all about the screens. The environment also plays a role. Going back to the rain,
sometimes it's acidic. This is especially for buildings in areas with lots of industrial activity. The acid rain can even have been carried over in clouds from areas that are miles away. The acidity is caused by emissions of sulphur and nitrogen compounds that react with the water molecules. This comes down on the windows, causing the glass to get unsightly spots. There are also minerals in the water that is delivered to your establishment. Grabbing your garden hose and pumping loads of water to the glass in an attempt to clean it may actually achieve the opposite. Sure, like the water that comes out of the faucet, it`s harmless to drink. In fact, some of the minerals are actually beneficial for the body. However, cleaning the glass with it leaves particles all over once it dries, ruining the elegance of your window.

Steam and grease also affect the windows. This is especially those in the kitchen, or if you’re holding a barbeque in the yard and the particles get spread onto the nearby windows. They build up over time, creating layers that make the windows dull. There are also other airborne contaminants such as dust. This ranges from the dirt and soiling that gets kicked into the air all through to the exhaust fumes of vehicles passing by for homes and business premises close to a busy road. It’s not just about the outside of the windows. Sometimes the particles get drawn into the heating and air conditioning system, winding up in the interior
space and eventually landing on the windows.

Birds and insects are notorious. As they perch on the seal or crawl up against the glass,
they leave behind their body waste that streaks the surface. In fact, your eyes, plus those of anyone walking by, are immediately drawn to these spots. Body fragments left on the sills, also make it difficult to operate the window normally, increasing risks of it getting broken. For instance, extra force being applied to open or close the window can end up damaging it.

Do you have a pet? No doubt, your furry friend likes pressing its nose and paws up against
the glass while staring out or in- like those times when they are mistakenly locked out. Kids also enjoy doing it. Hand and nose prints will leave a mark. It can be anything from the soiling that's picked up from other areas, or natural oil secretions from the skin on the hands. Then there are those instances when the children decide to get creative, grab marker pens and go doodling all over the windows. Sure, it’s innocent, but it ends up leaving you with messed up windows. Those advertisements glued to store windows can end up leaving unsightly patches when time comes for their removal. You don’t want to be forced to endure living or working in an establishment with dilapidated windows. Turn things around by calling in the window cleaning Dublin professionals.

Risks Of DIY Window Cleaning

With window cleaning, there's more than meets the eye. It’s not just about hosing down the
glass surface to get rid of the dirt. Without employing the right techniques and procedures, plenty of things can go wrong. These include:

Using too much pressure

It appears logical: the more pressure you use, the easier the dirt and grime is removed
from the window, and the faster you’ll get the job done, right? Wrong. Whether you've underestimated the power of the jet of water, or you're intentionally amping up the pressure, there is a high risk of damaging the seals and forcing water into the building. You end up flooding the interior of the premises. The window cleaning Dublin professionals understand the relation between the handling of the equipment plus the proper distance required, in order to harness the necessary power needed for the process without damaging the structural integrity of the window. When it comes to double or triple paned windows, breaking the seal can lead to a plethora of problems. Take for instance that famous foggy-effect. This is when the window looks like it needs cleaning in between the glass panes. Working on the exterior and interior doesn’t make much difference. It doesn’t have to be a large break. Even a leak
as small a needle's tip can lead to this happening. Whenever the window’s seal has been ruptured to a point that air gets into it at will, then it will eventually take up the moisture from the environment. Fixing this is costly. The prices can soar as high as 85% of getting the window itself replaced.

Using abrasive cleaners

It's tempting to go for those acidic cleaners used all around the house's surfaces to work on
the window. After all, they easily dissolve the grease residue and make scrubbing easier. However, they will damage the glass, etching it and even corroding the frame and screens. Ideally, the windows are meant to be cleaned with purified water, completely distilled to get rid of any contaminants, and this is what usually happens. However, there are those unique situations where more is needed, like when removing oxidation marks from the glass. Specialist products need to be employed here too. Otherwise, the glass will end up in a
worse condition.

Body injuries

For those hard-to-reach windows such as in high-rise apartments, storied mansions and
office complexes, you end up being forced to use a ladder. So now in addition to carrying around cleaning tools and products, you also have to struggle to retain your balance on the rungs of the ladder, as you go up and down it. A single misstep and you can end up with an injury, ranging from mere bruises and sprains, to all-out fractures. There is also the health risks involved with the cleaning products themselves. There are those that can release toxic fumes and affect you as you use them, while others can react with the grime and also create fumes that will be inhaled. As such, failure to handle the window cleaning solutions properly can adversely affect both you doing the cleaning, and other persons in the premises.

Unsatisfactory results

After going through all those hurdles, there is the frustration that comes when the results that you get are below par. You don’t want to spend an entire afternoon working on the windows, only for them to be left with streaks and water marks. Not only are they unsightly, but they increase the rate of resoiling. This can be avoided by turning to the window cleaning professionals, who come properly equipped for the job.

Benefits Of Calling In The Window Cleaning Specialists

1. Quality machinery

We have invested heavily in high powered window cleaning systems, designed to deliver a thorough wash. Pure water is employed. It's far more superior and effective to tap water, since the latter contains impurities such as calcium, phosphates, nitrates, sodium, potassium and chloride that are left behind on the window leaving unsightly marks. On the other hand, the pure water that is used during the window cleaning has all these elements removed through distillation and reverse osmosis. It has been deionised to provide spotless results. That means there won’t be any streaking or smearing after the cleaning iscompleted. When applied onto the window, it attracts the dirt like a magnet, further increasing the efficacy at which the cleaning is carried out. It breaks down and dissolves the soiling, leaving no residue of chemicals or detergents. Your windows remain clean for longer. Waterfed poles deliver the pressurized water with a high flow rate, for a thorough rinse. Specialised brushes scrub away the dirt and grime, without scratching the window. They are tough on the stubborn spots, but soft on the glass itself. The poles used are also telescopic, meaning that even those hard to reach windows will be worked on. The water is pumped up the pole
and then forced out in jets at the brush's head. As the brush agitates the soiling, the pure water flowing carries it off the glass. The window cleaning Dublin team gets to the nests built by bees and hornets behind the window shutter, ladybird nests in the channels, or those paper dents formed by wasps between the three-piece storm windows. The surrounding structures are also attended to, from the frames to the window sills, delivering a complete clean. Our truck mounted window cleaning systems means that we can access different
establishments, and have the power and pure water needed for every task.

2. Eco friendly processes

Protecting the environment is not a privilege- it’s an obligation. Future generations are
depending on us to pass down a planet that they can grow and thrive in, not one
that threatens their very survival. Hence, we each have a part to play in conserving Mother Nature in the various activities of our daily life, all through to getting the windows in your establishment cleaned. Our systems and processes have been structured with this in mind. The pure water that is used is safe for the biodiversity around you. There’s no risk to the persons on the premises, or even the landscaping. You won’t have to worry about toxic
chemicals being used that could release fumes and put your children and pets at risk. The efficient processes preserve the resources being used, from the water to the power to run the systems. Speaking of power, window cleaning also helps you reduce your energy bills. That dirt that forms layers on the glass prevents heat and light from easily flowing through it. Without adequate natural sunlight getting into the interior space, persons end up turning on the lighting systems even on those times they aren’t supposed to be required to. In addition,
during those hot afternoons, when more and more heat is being generated in the building but doesn’t dissipate out into the environment through the windows fast enough, the air conditioning units are made to crank up their activity. This consequently means that your energy bills at the end of the month will have shot up. The window cleaning Dublin processes enable you to avoid this, which also simultaneously reduces your green footprint.

3. Boost your image

Business owners know the value of the image they portray to their customers. The cleanliness or lack thereof of the windows will affect how persons coming into your premises
perceive you- consciously or subconsciously. You want to maintain a professional image that will cement your credibility. After all, how will you convince your customers to trust the quality of your products and service when the first thing that greets them when the visit your premises is soiled windows? Thorough window cleaning on the other hand enables them see the level of detail you are putting in every aspect of your enterprise, hence winning their trust and making them more confident in your service delivery. At home, you also want an elegant premises to bring up your children in, plus an attractive setting that you look forward to returning home to every day. What of the view? Whether it's the lush green grass out in
the yard, the blossoming flowers that come with the spring, the immaculate snow of winter, or you are in an apartment complex with an elegant view of the picturesque city, you don't want dirt and grime on the windows coming in the way and preventing you from enjoying this. You also don’t want to get into panic mode each time unexpected guests show up at your door. The state of the windows reflects on how they will perceive your character as an individual. The last thing you want is nasty cues from the in-laws, or keep having to mumble
out excuses to the neighbours dropping by for a chat. The professional window cleaning means that you will have a neat, cheerful and satisfactory environment to call home.

4. Versatile

Our window cleaning Dublin services cover numerous installations, from the fixed windows
that lack opening and closing operations, sliding or pivoted windows, the double hung windows with their shutters arranged one above the other, those ouvered windows for bath rooms, toilets and private places, the widely used casement windows- even those with sashes where the case panels are fully glazed, the bay windows that project from the wall to increase the area of opening and allow more ventilation and light into the premises, all through to the dormer windows are provided for sloped roofs. Conservatories, solar panels, atriums, and skylights, clerestory windows on rooms where the ceiling height is greater than that of other rooms, those lantern windows that are provided for over flat roofs, ventilators plus gable windows, the systems that our personnel use get to them all, for both residential and commercial establishments. From apartments and town house window clean-ups, to
working on high-rise commercial and industrial buildings plus luxury hotels, no job is too big or too small.

5. Increase your productivity

The soiled windows drag down the mood of persons in the premises. At home, you can barely focus on your tasks while there are dark spots all over the interior space from the smudges on the window blocking sunlight. When you glance out the window to collect your thoughts, you get distracted by the stains and the dull glass surface. On top of this, you have that constantly nagging feeling about work that needs to be done. This prevents you from getting to your other duties or relaxing. The sense of disorganization and an untidy environment also makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest, which sours your attention span and creativity the following day at the workplace. The window cleaning will enable you to prevent this. Speaking of the working environment, having squeaky-clean windows has a therapeutic effect which enables your staff to go about their tasks better. The natural sunlight lighting up their working space regulates their internal clock, involving a person’s own circadian rhythm- that 24-hour cycle of physical and mental patterns we all go through each day. Regular exposure to the light enables them to be in better moods, get restful sleep
when they head home, and proper hormone release. Windows that are dirty and stained can cause them to close the blinds or curtains in order to avoid the dingy view. In addition, the dulled glass surface reduces the amount of light beaming into the workspace, creating a dull environment. The window cleaning Dublin team reverses this.

6. Protect your windows

The windows are a costly investment. You want to protect them. Ideally, they should last as
long as the building itself. You don’t want damages that force you to replace them, or issues like etching caused by dirt and grime that ruin their elegance, preventing you from enjoying the view outside your property. The etched glass is not just unattractive, but it's also prone to cracks and chips. Dirt, bird droppings and other debris pilling up over time increases the chances of the window getting scratched. There is even phenomena such as concrete leaching to be weary of. For the buildings that have been put up with concrete, there are
minerals such as calcium in the structure that leach out over time, slowly streaking down over the wall and ending up on the glass. This forms streaks and hard stains on the window, and unless removed quickly can result in permanent damage. Whether the frames are metal or wooden, you also don’t want them getting worn down by the mineral elements from acid rain, hard water from sprinkler systems, plus the everyday dirt and grime that builds up on them. The thorough cleaning of the glass plus the frames, seals and even screens prevents
damages from occurring. This extends the life of your window, enabling you to obtain the most out of your investment.

7. Experienced team

Your home is a great investment, and you want it to be safe. It’s the heart of your family,
and should be treated with the utmost care and respect. The building in which your business is located is the face that you present to the world. You want the methods used for the cleaning to be safe and effective. It’s not just about getting quality equipment. The right skills are also needed to employ them. Our window cleaning Dublin team has been in the business for years. They have the training and experience needed to tackle diverse kinds of jobs for both residential and commercial clients alike. Hence, you can rest assured that your property is in safe hands. The personnel will arrive on site in time, enabling you to keep things to schedule, and will carry the task expeditiously delivering superb results each time. They will be able to advise you on measures to take to protect your windows and extend the life of your investment. They also notice issues like wood rot on the window sills, and
bring this to your attention so that it can be remedied to avoid problems later on. After all, you don’t want issues like painted sashes and clogged channels preventing you from being able to open the window, or even get out in case of an emergency like a fire. You also get to avoid hefty replacement costs down the road.

8. Avoid the hustle

You already have a lot on your plate with your daily activities, and adding the amount of work
involved with a window cleaning job to the list just piles things up. From taking care of the kids at home, filing important paperwork, or finishing a marketing report that you brought from the office, or handling your business operations in the workplace, the window cleaning will distract you from your tasks, not to mention drain your energy. Moreover, your employees should be focused on handling your products and dealing with your customers, not fixated on gunk on the windows. You also don’t want to have to deal with the risks and
stresses that comes with DIY window cleaning- from the damage to the glass, all
through to the danger of body injury. You can find yourself spending hours on the window and still end up with unsatisfactory results. That's not how you pictured your weekend or days off from work going. Those previous moments should be spend doing the things you love, from spending quality time with your family and playing with your kids, going to the park, organizing a mobile scavenger hunt, hanging out with your friends, getting out of the city and
driving out in the countryside or along the shoreline, journeying to familiar or new territory to take in details, textures, sights, and sounds, signing up for some yoga to relax you and work on your flexibility, trying out that new recipe, make your pet relish your presence whether its walking the dog or playing with your cat, practicing a new musical instrument, or even reading a good book, doodling and making a journal, all through to catching up with that new TV series that everyone is talking about, heading out for a movie with your date, or going for a hike and surrounding yourself with nature, or simply get some rest curled up in a blanket burrito. Free yourself you partake in your heart’s desires, and leave the window cleaning job to the professionals. They will get the glasses spotless in a fraction of the time that one would have done with a DIY job, and provide far superior results. Our crew does all this while
maintaining your privacy, enabling you to go about your tasks unperturbed.

9. Budget friendly

You want to get your windows cleaned without breaking the bank. We hear you. Our prices have been structured to suit your particular needs, taking into account factors such
as the number of windows, the level of dirt involved and the time needed to complete the cleaning, the ease of access for the specialty windows, and even cases where you want cleaning on both the inside and outsides of the window, and the delicate post-construction cleaning. Factors like screen cleaning, working on the window sill sand tracks are also put into consideration, ensuring that you get tailored costs that fit into your budget.

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