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Floor Sanding Services

Floor Sanding Dublin
What kind of floors can be sanded? Is floor sanding a job for everybody? All floor sanding company use dustless equipment? Why is such a big difference in pricing? What type of floor varnishes are the best? How long does it take to sand my floors?
Many people would love to have their floors refinished but the idea of having a floor sanding contractor in their house is not very exciting. There will be a lot of dust for sure and the place will be in a mess for days. Well, you could not be more wrong. The floor sanding industry has changed dramatically over the past few years and the materials used by the floor sanding contractors have also improved. If only few years back most of the floor sanding contractors in Dublin were using oiled base floor varnishes, today, most of the floor sanding specialists are using low VOC water based floor varnishes.

What kind of floors can be sanded?
All types of solid wood floors and semi solid wood floors can be refinished. Semi solid wood floors can only be sanded few times, depending from brand to brand. Laminate floors are not wood at all so it can`t be sanded even if it looks like wood. Semi solid wood floors or engineered wood floors, only have between 5 mm and 10 mm of wood on it. If the floor is sanded lightly by professionals, this floor can be sanded few good times. Solid wood floors can be sanded up to 50 times or even more in some cases.

Is floor sanding a job for everybody?
Floor sanding is much harder than it looks and our company gets about 30% of its work from repair jobs. People think is just a bit of sanding and what can go wrong? Many things can go wrong and for every good story you will hear 10 bad experiences. Professional floor sanders are very heavy duty machines with very powerful motors. You need to know what sand paper works on what floor, you need to change the sand paper as you go and then you have to even sand the floor after the first coat of varnish. The floor sander belt could easily dig a hole in your floor if you keep it in the same place for 1 second extra. In many cases, if you add your costs up, you will find out that it is cheaper or not much more expensive to hire a floor sanding company. So, if you are handy with your hands, you might be able to achieve good results.

Do all the floor sanding companies use dustless equipment?
No they don`t. You need to understand that if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys. Floor sanding trade is a highly qualified trade and it requires serious investment to be able to achieve good results. A floor sanding company will need at least 20k to start a business. Many people try and fail. Dustless floor sanding equipment is much more expensive than the old floor sanding equipment. The standard rate for floor sanding should be around 17-18€ plus vat per square meter. If a company is charging you less than that, they have to cut corners somewhere and in most cases they buy very old and cheap equipment or they use highly toxic cheap floor varnishes. Professional floor sanding companies that use fully trained specialist, are more likely to use top of the range floor sanding equipment.

Why there is such a big difference in pricing?
Floor sanding is not cheap to do. The tools required are expensive, the specialists are few and hard to find and to become expert in this trade, it takes many years. A professional floor sanding company has to spend money in advertising, websites, office, accountants, staff, insurance, tools, materials, etc. To be able to provide outstanding results, money have to be spent. You will find floor sanding companies that charge half the ongoing rate, but you need to be realist. You have spent thousands on your floors so you can`t just allow some uninsured company destroy it.

There are floor sanding companies out there that use hired equipment and they finish floors with low traffic floor finishes. They can afford to charge 10€ per square meter. Most professional floor sanding contractors that are insured and fully registered, will charge around 18€ plus VAT.

What types of floor varnishes are the best?
There are domestic floor varnishes and there are commercial floor varnishes. Low traffic and high traffic floor varnishes. The high traffic floor varnishes cost about double than low traffic ones. In a normal 3 bed house with 3 kids, a low traffic floor varnish will do the job. If you need to treat the floors in a commercial unit with a lot of traffic, high traffic floor varnishes will be required. Usual, the high traffic floor varnishes, come in two packs. The varnish itself and an hardener. Most types of floor varnishes have a life expectancy of about 5 years.

How long does it take to sand my floors?
A standard floor sanding company can do about 50-70 square meter of floor per day. If they use more floor sanding machines, they can finish huge surfaces. A standard living room & dining room can be done in one day without any problems. A full 3 bed house should take around 2 days but it depends on the type of equipment used and the tradesman quality.

Think well before hiring a floor sanding machine and give yourself more work than you can do. Everything looks easy when skilled people are doing it. In all cases, hiring a floor sanding company can work out cheaper for you.

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