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27 January, 2015 17:03


Amtico Floor Cleaning

Dublin Floor Cleaning is one of the leading amtico floor dressing and polishing companies in Ireland. With hundreds of jobs completed each year and a huge list of references you can be sure that your floors are in the hands of professionals.
What is amtico flooring?
Amtico flooring is a plastic flooring that can imitate any expensive floor. Actually amtico is such an authentic looking replica of the real thing that it can be difficult to tell the difference! Many people have amtico floors in their homes and they do not even know. This type of floor has a very long life expectancy and if treated once per year it will look like new for a very long period of time. All amtico floors come with a 20 year warranty from the supplier. This type of floor is very expensive to install but is so durable and easy to maintain it will actually save you money over time.
How do we clean your amtico floor?
Our specialists will strip the original polish/sealant from your floors. We will deep clean the floors using special floor cleaners and then we will seal your floors. 2 new coats of amtico polish will be applied to your floors. There are two finishes, satin or gloss. Satin – recommended for domestic use. Gloss – recommended for commercial floors. Some amtico floors do not need re-polishing and a good buff will do the job. We will advise on the spot. The most asked question is how often should I clean or re-seal my floors? The answer is very short, as soon as needed. For people with small kids or pets we would recommend 1 deep clean per year. For houses with low traffic you might not need to deep your floors for years. So the usage will determine how often cleaning will be required.
How do we charge?
We usually charge per square meter for jobs up to 50 square metres. For bigger job we can also price per job. The price we provide over the phone is only an estimate. There are a few factors that could increase the price. A standard living room – 30 square meter can cost 150€ or 350€. It all depends on how many coats of polish the floor has. Many people re-seal their floors on a monthly basis and they build up a thick glazing on the floor. This glazing will take a lot of work and cleaning products to be removed.
Here is some useful information if you want to book amtico floor cleaning:
-we will provide free no obligation estimates
-we will help moving furniture around
-we will only use amtico products
-we are open 24/7
-we are fully insured and a long list of our latest projects can be found on our website
-we accept cash, cheque, credit/debit card or EFT
-all our prices are vat inclusive

Here is a list of things that you should do or not do if you have amtico floors:
-clean your floors few times per week
-use only recommended non acidic cleaning products
-buff your floor once per year (high speed buffer – red pad only)
-hire a professional company to seal your floors (every 36 months – depending on traffic)
-keep your pets away from your floors

-seal and re-seal your floors without removing the old sealant
-leave amtico floor stripper on your floor for longer than 30 min
-drag furniture on your floors
-put hot things on your floors – remember – is plastic
-polish your floors with black, green, blue or pink pads
-do any work on your floors if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge

Amtico floors can look brilliant or can look cheap. It all depends on maintenance. Our company has a free phone line (1800 848 700) 24/7 and if you need any free advice regarding your amtico flooring please call us.
We cover the whole County Dublin area but we do a lot of business in Kildare, Wicklow and Meath. Jobs between 10 to 50 square meters can be completed in one day. Bigger jobs will require more time. There is a minimum charge of 200 euro.
Why hire us? – our amtico floor cleaning specialists are some of the best you will find on the Irish market. A lot of our work comes from the residential market – a very fussy market. Then again, most of our amtico floor cleaning jobs come from referrals or repeat customers. Our company can appreciate the quality of your floors and your connection with your floors. We will treat your amtico floors with respect and only original Amtico cleaning & polishing products will be used. It is very important not to allow anyone to work with strong chemicals around your expensive floors. One big stain in the middle of your kitchen will have your house looking old and tired. Dublin Floor Cleaning has 100% positive feedback and working with us you will be guaranteed quality and brilliant looking amtico flooring.
Amtico Floor Cleaning is our speciality.



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