GUIDE FOR BUYERS ON FASTDEAL.IE aims to provide a safe and fair environment for you to buy and sell items online. We have a few tips which you should bear in mind when buying or selling with


Safety is paramount – 

·         never arrange to meet a buyer or seller alone

·         arrange to meet in a public place


Be clear –

·         If you are not open to negotiating on your asking price let the buyer or seller know

·         If you are interested in buying an item but wish to view first to satisfy yourself on the condition of the item then let the buyer or seller know that there is no deal until you have seen the item and are happy with it


Payments –

·         Do not prepay for an item you are buying

·         Cash or bank draft only

·         Sellers should beware of buyers offering to pay by cheque

·         Buyers should beware of sellers asking for account details

·         Generally, the best option is to meet the buyer or seller in person, agree a price and payment method beforehand


Viewing and inspecting-

·         We would suggest viewing and inspecting any item you wish to buy before buying it, remember to meet in a safe public place, make it clear that you will not buy unless you are happy with the item and also be clear about how much you are willing to pay

·         Check that electrical goods work properly before buying

·         Check items for any faults, damage, scratches, tears etc. and if you are not happy with the condition of the item then do not feel obliged to buy


·         SELLERS, please give accurate information regarding the condition of items for sale and give buyers time and space to view and properly inspect items for sale. BUYERS if items are not as described then do not buy, you are under no obligation.



Common sense approach –

Overall you should use your common sense, if you think an item is being offered for sale very cheaply and almost seems too good to be true then do not be afraid to ask questions as to why, what condition is it in? Is it in good working order? Walk away if you are unsure, remember you are under no obligation.