Light Walnut Wood Stain

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Light Walnut Wood Stain

Wood floors and surface need tender care for them to serve for a long time. You will keep staining your surfaces if you have not already discovered a Light Walnut Wood Stain that guarantees beautiful results. Other than your wood floors, your wood furniture is covered too for that extra shine that is attractive and protects them from getting damaged by the rain or harsh sun rays.

Are you thing about changing the color of your wood floors and furniture? Or maybe your surface is damaged beyond repair, and it needs a facelift. Perhaps you are changing the theme of your interior and exterior décor, and you need them to have a modern look. Whatever reason that motivates you, using a wood stain rich in pigments on stripped down wood changes the color and brings out the lovely grain.

Wood is nature’s product, and it can vary from one to another even when you dealing with the same species. It’s necessary to do a test with the stain you are planning to use to avoid surprises and unnecessary expenses. The test will ensure that the colors of the stain on the wood in question produce the color that you desire. There are two types of light Walnut wood stain. The oil based stains and the water based stains. This article will highlight the oil based stains, how it’s used and its importance to using it on surfaces and furniture.

Simple steps of how to stain wood

1. Use a rag to remove any dust, polish wax, grease, oils, or any dirt.

2. Rub the surface using sandpaper to provide a fresh, clean look for your wood staining product. Ensure that you get a smooth surface for a good outcome. You may require using a lighter paper if the surface is still new or did not have a lot of damage. If the surface is left rough, it tends to absorb more stain and give a dark and dull look. The smoother the surface, the lighter the color. Before you start your staining experiment a small surface to test for desired results.

3. Clean the surface with a clean damp rag to remove any particles.

4. Stir the wood stain for a uniform residue.

5. Read the instructions on the light walnut wood stain and follow them strictly. Use a brush or sponge to apply the stains on the surface.

6. Brush the grain smoothly on the surface. For excellent results, apply following the grain other than against it. Ensure that the colors are even.

7. Leave it to dry. Give it time to dry entirely to achieve a more darker tone. If you have not reached your desired color, apply more light walnut stain gently using the same brush or sponge.

8. When you get the right and rich desired tone, leave it to dry as per instructions.

Advantages of Oil-Based Wood Stain

Takes time to dry

It may sound like a disadvantage but the longer the oil based light walnut stain will bring you are guaranteed for amazing results. The oil- based stain penetrates deep into the wood sealing and protecting it and nourish it beauty.

Lasts long

When comparing with the water-based wood stain, the oil based last for more years because of the protection on the wood from the sun and rain. It’s extremely durable.

Better results

When working on a large area, the oil based walnut light wood stain gives you longer working time without worry of one place drying before another and dried lap marks. It gives a more even finish

Saves time

The oil based stain does not raise above the grain, therefore, eliminating need for any additional sanding. Once you stain the first and the second coat you achieve your desired color.

Colored Wood Stain

Colored wood stains bring out the variety of shades and tones. People who love diversity can have their clean, sharp, and crisp. Those in offices and other working areas can try out the subtle grey wood stain, shiny black wood stain and a whole lot of multitude of attractive wood stain colors from the Rover wood stain brands.

Rover stocks a range of wood stain colors. From the dark, opaque and satin-matt finish to the beautiful shades of green, greys, oranges, reds and more in our oil-based wood stains line.

Wood Stains Do’s and Don’ts

A good looking wood stain finish will be determined by the steps taken to apply the Light Walnut wood stain and following the regulations to avoid wastage of resources.


Prepare the wood with a light sanding.

Apply Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner from the Rover brand for an even stain colors.

Stir the Light Walnut Wood Stain can thoroughly.

Before starting your application of the stain to the surface, it’s important to stir the stain contents to distribute evenly color pigment that may have settled at the bottom.


When considering using any colors of stain, it's best that you test it on an inconspicuous surface to confirm it’s the color tone you desire. Apply two coats to be sure before settling for the stain to see the end results.

Apply the second coat.

For a richer and darker tone, apply second coat of the Light Walnut Wood Stain to get the best results while following the instructions to the letter.


Stain handles, hinges, and knobs

When starting your staining, remove any knobs, hinges, handles and pulls. Wood staining typically changes the initial color of any metallic objects.

Attempt to mix unabsorbed stain to dry on top of the wood.

The Light Walnut wood stain is manufactured to dry in the wood. Other liquids mixed with the wood stain will peel off after drying making the tone lighter.

Apply the protective finish right before the stain dries

The finish activates the damp stain hence the brush or sponge is able to pull thestain out of the wood. Give the stain enough time to dry. The oil-based light walnut wood stain takes longer that the water- based stain. Give the stain enough time to dry. The oil-based light walnut wood stain takes longer that the water- based stain.

Light Walnut Wood Stain



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