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11 September, 2015 19:44


Plumbing Company Rathfarnham

Are you looking for a local plumbing company to :

- repair a leak?

- fix boiler issues?

- repair your central heating?

- install your gas pipes?

- service your boiler?

- fit a new pressure pump?

- install a electric shower?

- fit solar panels?

- re-plumb your home?

- underfloor heating?

- gas leaks?

- bathroom renovation?

- kitchen sink?

- washer or dish washer connections?

No problem. Just go to and book online. We employ few gangs of plumbers that can sort out any type of plumbing issue. We are fully insured and highly recommended. Where else will you find a plumbing company to provide you with a free no obligation quotation? To be fully gas registred? To fit solar panels? To work with your insurance company? To cover the whole Co Dublin?

All your plumbing needs in one place!

Plumbing Company Rathfarnham

What is cheaper to run? Electric Shower or Power Shower

Unless you have solar panels supplying free hot water to your shower, I would say an electric shower would be cheaper to run. Although the electric shower uses a lot of electricity when switched on, as soon as you finish your shower, it stops costing you money. Whereas with a power shower, you may have to turn on your immersion or gas boiler for an hour even if you want a quick shower because the entire hot cylinder has to be heated to approx 60 degrees. Or what if you forget to turn off the immersion switch! If you have a power shower, a good tip is to install a timer on your immersion and have it timed to heat the water at 6am (as this is an off-peak time therefore cheaper) for an hour. If your hot cylinder is insulated well the water should stay hot for hours. Another thing to consider when choosing which shower to get is the dreaded water meters. The better the pressure of your shower the more its going to cost.



Ashleigh House , JFK Rd , Dublin 12, Dublin, Leinster


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